Digital Thermometers for Smoker


“An Instant Read thermometer is your best bet for making sure that meat and fish are cooked to proper temperature” – Bobby Flay

 What are Digital thermometers?

All of us are aware that meat contains bacteria. And, if not cooked properly or at proper temperatures these bacteria and viruses would be active and causes food borne illness. This illness will further lead to loss of health and spending hundreds of dollars on medical bills. Using a Digital Food Thermometer may prevent it to a certain extent.


Thermometers are as important as any other equipment used for smoking. If you want your food to be safe, soft, juicy with abundant flavors, one must invest in a good thermometer. Most of us neglect using a thermometer. To get the perfect juicy smoked meat, we need to know the internal temperatures of the smoker/cooker as well as the meat. For the meat to cook perfectly, understanding the temperatures is essential.

Though most grills and smokers come with a built in bi-metal thermometer, yet their precision is less when compared to the digital food thermometers. A good thermometer helps in knowing the temperature of the grill and the temperature of the meat. This will ensure that the meat doesn’t get over cooked or under cooked.

One cannot tell if the meat is perfectly cooked just by looking at it. A seasoned chef who grills almost everyday may know the perfection. Also, looking at the color of the meat one cannot decide if it is safe or no. For all of these, we would be needing a handy meat thermometer.

They help you from under-cooking or over-cooking meat such as pork and chicken. Cooking BBQ or smoked food without a meat thermometer is much like planning to drive a car in the night without headlights.

Tips to use Digital thermometer

An essential tool in the kitchen, food thermometers must be selected according to the needs of the family. Here we share some useful tips about food thermometers.

  1. Understand the need – Not all thermometers serve the same purpose. We must understand the purpose for which we need one. A meat thermometer specially is used for measuring the level of cooking of meat. It can be clipped to pans and grills to measure the doneness of the meat.
  2. Fix it properly – The key to using a thermometer lies in knowing the point it is fixed on meat to test the temperature. For some meat, it needs to fixed at the center thickest point, while for some others at the corner. Also, allow the thermometer time to give the accurate readings.
  3. Cleaning – Clean the thermometer immediately after each use to avoid rusting. Wash it with hot soapy water and clean it thoroughly so as to remove all grease.

Right Way to Use a Digital Food Thermometer


By now we all know how important a food thermometer is. It ensures the meat is cooked properly at the right temperature. We need to know where to stick the thermometer in order to get the right temperature. Do not aim at the center. Try to push the thermometer all the way down until it comes out of the other side, unless there’s a bone!! U may leave the thermometer through the cooking or slowly note the readings while retracting it from the meat.

Thus using the thermometer in the correct way gives accurate readings and helps in cooking the perfect smoked meat.